A photographer holds up a cup with logo of the adventure begins. Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash.
Hello World, and Welcome! We are TheMC, a community built by Makers, for Makers. We are so pleased you have stopped by to check us out! Let the adventure begin!
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There is no cost to be a member, ever. Our sustaining revenue comes from many sources, but never from our membership plans. We have five plans to choose from, so click that button and pick the one that best matches your Maker style!

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We are an all-volunteer, non-profit corporation and every dollar raised goes directly towards project costs, not wages, salaries, or shareholder earnings. Click that button to learn more about each of the major projects and pick one you would like to support.

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What brought you here (and what will keep you here), what would you like to tell us about your Maker story? What will you Make today? We, the team at TheMC, are building you a social and service platform to help you express yourself, and find the help you need.

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If you have a question or comment about anything happening here, just look for a feedback button. Especially as we build new products and services, we need to hear from you. And we look forward to a long relationship!


What Is This?

This is TheMC, an online community being built by Makers, for Makers. We’re a small team of folks with a bazilion good ideas. From among those we are cultivating the few Great Ideas which we will then develop into the products and services you will find here. We invite you to join us in our adventure, because you have ideas too, and you are a Maker, and you want to help. This we know.

Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Before you jump in, let’s see what we have in common. Let’s talk about…

Our Mission is to promote and support Makers.

We will do this by building an online community, curating collections of information and resources, providing a platform for sharing new learning content, and hitting the road to support community projects. All this, we will do with passion and enthusiasm!

However, we are a young venture. It will take time to build our infrastructure. It will take even longer to recruit our founding members, those who choose to become friends, advocates, donors, and sponsors of this venture. With their help, we shall develop the resources, content and programs to meet the needs of our community. Thus, it is with great confidence that we commit to our Mission, to best accomplish the goals of our Vision.

We see a future where education is transformed to focus on the individuality, curiosity, and creativity of the student. We see students developing critical thinking skills to tackle small tasks with gusto and to conquer large problems with confidence and teamwork.

We see Makers working together to expand their knowledge and forge new skills as they move from tinkering to doing and making, to becoming proficient in their crafts. We see Makers sharing their experiences with others, becoming teachers and community leaders.

We see the Maker Movement / Culture taking a leading role in community development, helping society embrace diversity by prioritizing the inclusion of, and support for, women, members of minority classes, disadvantaged, and at-risk individuals and families.

We release our imagination, seeking to explore and make wondrous discoveries.

We learn by observation, analysis, and experimentation, but mostly by doing and making.

We look to enjoy the journey and cherish the friendships we make along the way.

We encourage critical thinking, challenging tradition, and questioning everything.

We prioritize help to those in need, at-risk, disadvantaged, or simply forgotten.

Supporting all our core values, we shall act in an honest and transparent way.


We’ve made it easy to join TheMC by not charging a membership fee. We shall raise funds instead from donors, sponsors, and other revenue streams. This model worked well for our former MakerSpace facility and we are confident that our venture here will be sustainable.

Free membership means we have no “pay wall” in place to block access to our content. It also means we have the best opportunity to attract and retain a diverse population of Makers. The downside is that we will have to spend more time on moderation and security to combat spam, hate, and random acts of violence. But we have good tools and volunteers ready to use them.

We are, however, still in alpha test, so you may want to delay joining. Don’t worry, you’ll still earn a founding member badge if you leave feedback and join anytime before January 1, 2023. 

What’s New?

What’s New?

Everything you see here is new. We incorporated our non-profit on Dec 9, 2021 after I had started building a prototype of our website two days earlier. On Jan 1, just two days before our planned alpha test launch, I had an epiphany and started over. I purchased new domain names, because the name says it all. We had been MCTechSpace, because we were techies on a mission to build and support MakerSpaces. Yes, we will do that, but that’s the wrong message, the wrong foundational mission.

Now we are TheMC, a Maker Community. Our mission is to bring like-minded people together to share their experiences, knowledge, and skills. We will do this by building, with your help, the best online platform. Ok, if not the best, at least a pretty darn good place to meet up. We will develop innovative and engaging content, workshops, lesson plans, and educational game play environments.

We will still build and support MakerSpaces, as well as supporting school activities, community programs, workshops, summer camps, a few birthday parties, and corporate hug-fest retreats. As we are centrally issolated in the Green Mountains of Vermont, we will build an awesome MakerTruck and head out across the rural Northeast. We’ll keep the calendar open to make a few stops in the big cities for festivals and fundraising.

Everything is new. Yesterday we moved this website from my wifi-connected home office workstation to a hosted server in “the cloud” (in Newark, NJ). So, big progress there! But we are still in Alpha Test mode. We’ve got a ton of content to write and a lot of software to configure, but we’re getting there. Please look around and tells us what you think. Just click the feedback button wherever you might find it…

Featured Stories…

A Great Idea

A Great Idea

A thought becomes an idea, and the good ideas are worth exploring. But great ideas keep you up late at night until you take action. And thus TheMC was hatched.