Maker Profiles

by | Jan 15, 2022 | Featured, News | 0 comments

Ben Katz with his mini cheetah robot; photo by Bryce Vickmark; used by permission (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).
Searching for news often leads to a profile story, news about the Maker as much as the project.

Projects Vs. People

Almost always, when you search for news in the Maker Community, you are looking for a project. How did someone do something or make something? so that you might discover the missing trick or learn a new skill. Even when you see an image of a Maker and their thing, you are drawn to the thing, aren’t you? Go ahead, learn more about the mini cheetah or just watch the video. I’ll be here if you remember to return.

Profiles of Makers

We seek to provide a common place where people can explore stories about the people behind the projects, the Makers and their backgrounds. Their life stories, if they are willing to share that much, can give us great insight into their motivation and perhaps spark our own curiosity. Did you watch the video linked above? You didn’t see Ben Katz. You didn’t hear his name mentioned. And you wouldn’t know to look for him. He was, literally, behind the scene controlling the robot.

Who Inspires You?

I will be adding a blog category for stories of people who have inspired me to help create this venture, and the Greenbelt MakerSpace before this. Honestly, I’m not sure I was very inspired before 2012. I had a good life and was trudging along to be “successful”. But then my boss said, to all employees, not just me, that we should go out and make a contribution to our community. And that ended up being a significant turning point in my life.