What’s New?

by | Jan 9, 2022 | Home | 0 comments

Happy New Year! We're starting it off with our launch of TheMC! Look around and tell us what you think. You should find Feedback buttons everywhere 🙂
Everything you see here is new. We incorporated our non-profit on Dec 9, 2021 after I had started building a prototype of our website two days earlier. On Jan 1, just two days before our planned alpha test launch, I had an epiphany and started over. I purchased new domain names, because the name says it all. We had been MCTechSpace, because we were techies on a mission to build and support MakerSpaces. Yes, we will do that, but that’s the wrong message, the wrong foundational mission.

Now we are TheMC, a Maker Community. Our mission is to bring like-minded people together to share their experiences, knowledge, and skills. We will do this by building, with your help, the best online platform. Ok, if not the best, at least a pretty darn good place to meet up. We will develop innovative and engaging content, workshops, lesson plans, and educational game play environments.

We will still build and support MakerSpaces, as well as supporting school activities, community programs, workshops, summer camps, a few birthday parties, and corporate hug-fest retreats. As we are centrally issolated in the Green Mountains of Vermont, we will build an awesome MakerTruck and head out across the rural Northeast. We’ll keep the calendar open to make a few stops in the big cities for festivals and fundraising.

Everything is new. Yesterday we moved this website from my wifi-connected home office workstation to a hosted server in “the cloud” (in Newark, NJ). So, big progress there! But we are still in Alpha Test mode. We’ve got a ton of content to write and a lot of software to configure, but we’re getting there. Please look around and tells us what you think. Just click the feedback button wherever you might find it…