Welcome to Alpha Test

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Here be dragons. You've been warned!

Here Be Dragons

Thank you for visiting but be warned, we are in the Alpha Test stage of our site development. Normally, a “professional” website would not let you see this stage. But what fun is that?

We are Makers, just like you. We will make mistakes, and we will learn. We prefer you see how we progress from an early stage startup to a fully mature venture. Perhaps this will help you on your next adventure!

We will also benefit from your feedback, so please do not hesitate to drop us a note. We will leave these Feedback buttons littered about, hopefully never too far away to click.

Thank you for being our brave little friend to help us design, develop, and fix our masterpiece!

If You Build It...

We are confident (well, mostly), that our Great Idea to buld TheMC will resonate with a great many Makers across the Northeast and all points on the Webs. But we are not noobs to think success will be fast, easy, or cheap.

We are in this venture for the right reasons, to contribute and support the Maker Movement in all its glory. To help kids (and a few adults) learn how to think, to be confident in how to approach a problem, to apply new skills to challenging situations.